100 for Me, 50 for You

Marcy (last of Generation 10) and Indigo (resurrected Generation 3.?) Vinson trek across the country to Lucky Palms.  Marcy will be responsible for 100 babies and Indigo will have 50 foals.

Aging Up

  • Foals and Infants:  Will be on a 1 or 2 day age span.
  • Toddlers:  Must learn to walk, talk and potty.
  • Horses:  Must be trained before sold.
  • Children:  Age up when they get an A.
  • Teen:  Age up when they get an A

Lifespan has not been determined yet.  Probably normal.  Unicorns live a long time, but both will benefit from age freeze potions at some point.  This pic was taken the other day.  I am going to be doing this with minimal CC and mods (I am using the Tart folder to figure out what is corrupting that save).  To give you a basic idea, my mod folder now only has 200 package files.  It went from 4gb down to 159mb.  I may cry, but if the game is stable, I will slowly add things back in.

If I get bored, I will leave the option open to have a foal/child take over at some point and continue on.  If 50 foals does get reached, that foal will grow up to breed 50 more.


  • If you would like to make horses, any color (plain, colorful), Unicorn or regular, link them here.  Download links will always be available if you want one.  I will keep the downloads posted in the second post for easy finding.
  • I will take both female and male donations of any type.  Large, thin, pretty, ugly, colorful, or vanilla.  In the case of females, if they are the ones to become pregnant, they will remain in the household until delivery.  They can be made for this, born in your game, or someone you just have laying around.  All horses and humans will populate the town, so they will get to be seen around and about.



  • Will be uncontrollable!  I will focus on them if they are interesting, but I like leaving them to their own devices.  Unlike an ISBI, if one is in mortal peril, all attempts to keep them safe will be undertaken.
  • Your founder may leave the house.  They can make money by horse racing/selling, and collecting, painting.
  • Babysitters, Plumbots, Butlers will be allowed as long as they can afford them or in the case of plumbots, make one themself.
  • Teens may get a part-time job to help out.
  • Young adults must be moved out immediately.
  • You may hire a maid
  • You may not use Apples or Watermelon to determine the gender of a baby.
  • You may not choose traits for any Sim except the founder.
  • Your founder may not get married while living in-house.
  • You may not use any cheats, except for to reset a sim if needed.
  • Fertility treatment is GOOD! USE IT!
  • Once you’ve had children with a man, you may not use him again for offspring.
  • You may not send your children to Boarding School, as the school takes care of the child which repeals the point.
  • Teens who receive an A will be allowed more freedom to work the horse ranch.  They will take on the hard part of training all foals.


  • Indigo is a male.  Therefore, until donations (if any) start coming in, mares will be adopted from the equine center.  They will live at home until delivery.  At that point, they will either move out or be put up for adoption.  Mares will be available for download if they have decent markings.
  • NO money cheats are allowed. (It will be really tough in the beginning but once you start selling those foals, you’ll be rich in no time.)
  • Each foal should have a different sire (father). Or dam (mother) if your horse is male.
  • Your Mare’s (or Stallion) goal is to have 50 foals.
  • Yes, you may use any and all lifetime reward points your horse may have. You may also train them, race them, jump with them, etc. as you wish.
  • You may choose to sell, give away, etc each foal as it ages up into adulthood. Do not give away/sell a foal.
  • You may choose any world you wish. But it must have the JRA International Equestrian Center in the world somewhere. As this is where you will be going with your Mare to breed her, contest her and sell your grown-up foals. You can also use Unicorns, Wild Horses and adopted ones as Sires to your foals. Used only once of course.
  • A little note on lot size. You may choose any size you wish IF it is at least a 30×30. The bigger the better but watch those beginning funds.
  • For those that use Stallions as their Founding horse, the mare that is impregnated must belong to the household at the time of birth. You can sell her afterwards if you wish. But that means bottle-feeding the foal.
  • Yes, your Sim may have other pets besides horses, such as a dog, cat, etc. Try to limit their numbers though so you still have room to work with your horse population.
  • Yes you may go to Edit Town and create more households for the town (with or without animals/horses) but your are NOT allowed to change the active household at any time.