Chapter 19

After many, many months, we are back!  For how long?  Who the hell knows.

Last time Pistachio and Lime went to University,  they both found love, just not with each other, and they got a new house.  The Generation 5 spouse, Misty, has a WA LTW, so there was travelling and more is to be on the horizon.

TS3 2016-09-26 07-31-56-35

The family returns from exploring and immediately heads off to Graduation.

TS3 2016-09-26 07-33-29-25

TS3 2016-09-26 08-26-23-91

Nice job, guys.

TS3 2016-09-26 07-36-17-23

I’m not sure where Watermelon has been, but I’m not liking that thought bubble.

Watermelon:  I just want a grandkid.  One.
You say that now.

TS3 2016-09-26 07-49-46-03

Getting some gem cutting time in before it gets so late the world comes to whine about it.

TS3 2016-09-26 07-59-22-24

Ah, so that’s why Watermelon was so excited for grandbabies.

TS3 2016-09-26 08-14-26-85

Misty:  Muahahahahaa Kitty!

TS3 2016-09-26 08-14-48-76

Misty:  Take it away, My Captain.

TS3 2016-09-26 08-16-45-60

MIsty:  *sob*  I was kidding.  Sorta.

TS3 2016-09-26 08-25-31-36

Don’t ask.  Just a random pic of everyone.

TS3 2016-09-26 08-28-20-01

Yeah, so the family is loaded with all the extra gems they cut.

TS3 2016-09-26 08-30-08-73

Portrait time.

TS3 2016-09-26 08-46-13-54

Another one I have no clue about.

TS3 2016-09-26 08-54-58-40

Another day, another bucketful of money.

TS3 2016-09-26 08-55-42-01

Woo, Watermelon can retire when she gets old.

TS3 2016-09-26 09-06-28-87

One of the last pics of the family.  It was lost soon after.

TS3 2016-09-26 09-10-18-17

Baby time!

TS3 2016-09-26 09-12-34-56

No, Watermelon!  Just No.

TS3 2016-09-26 09-18-29-64

A little nursery area is added.

TS3 2016-09-26 09-19-10-63

It is a girl and she has no name yet.

TS3 2016-09-26 09-23-00-32

Watermelon topped her career!  Her generation goals are now complete!  They can now have televisions, video cameras, cell phones, arcade games, and workout machines

TS3 2016-09-26 09-31-50-72

The ladies head to France.

TS3 2016-09-26 09-33-28-01

Watermelon and Pistachio hang out at base camp while Misty goes on adventures.

TS3 2016-09-26 09-35-24-46

Or she just beats up random people for random reasons.

TS3 2016-09-26 10-02-10-87

There, at least she got something done.

TS3 2016-09-26 11-08-27-85

And another!

TS3 2017-04-21 18-19-21-25

Witch gnome at base camp!

TS3 2017-04-21 18-48-58-74

Misty:  Hi, I’m so lonely!

TS3 2017-04-21 18-58-18-87

Watermelon:  So you called me?

TS3 2017-04-21 20-04-27-77

Back home, Misty and Sabby go collecting.

TS3 2017-04-21 20-23-32-36

The unnamed one is still a baby.

TS3 2017-04-21 20-24-37-82

Zoe was adopted to be a mate for Tiger, but she ends up aging up to elder within days.

TS3 2017-04-22 14-41-02-29

The baby stage is taking a long time.  It ended up that my aging reset to default, so it will stay as is for a while.

TS3 2017-04-22 14-42-25-96

Misty works on bug collecting to get the night ones that are missing.

TS3 2017-04-22 14-54-46-83

Kory almost starved because he didn’t want to leave the tomb where he likes to sleep.

TS3 2017-04-22 15-13-54-48

Aww, she’s adorable!  She is named Avocado.

TS3 2017-04-22 15-26-08-89

Misty went back to China.

TS3 2017-04-22 16-53-45-97

But turns around and goes home.

TS3 2017-04-22 16-10-54-71

It was time to say goodbye to Lime and Kory after a recent move to Moonlight Falls.

TS3 2017-04-22 16-37-58-33

Skill challenge for Watermelon.

TS3 2017-04-22 16-53-45-97

Even after the move, China won’t give up the adventures even though the tombs are not complete.

TS3 2017-05-17 19-00-44-55

She finished a tomb anyway and that might be the way it is done and screw the adventure board.

TS3 2017-05-17 19-22-34-49

Just four more tombs in China and France and we’ll be done.

TS3 2017-05-17 19-33-37-12

Misty comes back home to find Watermelon and Pistachio doing nothing important.

TS3 2017-05-17 20-00-39-58

The move killed off all photos, but at least the portraits were safe!

TS3 2017-05-17 20-02-30-42

The gems are coming along.  I had a spot on the ground that nothing could be placed in.  I moved everything out of the way and did a radius purge which somehow deleted about 10 gems.  I was pissed and now they need to be replaced.  The ones seen on pillow stands are completed.  My biggest problems are going to be with the pink diamonds and the Smithsonite.  I think a day will be spent with everyone digging through garbage and dumpster diving, but probably after Key Lime is able to go to school.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s about it this time around.  Just a small update that took several months just to get a few pics.  I am hoping to get back into the game at some point.  I swear.  I left a slideshow of Misty’s adventures, added days after the post posted because I forgot.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. Adventuring is a great way to get many many gems. Not to mention all the monies. Avocado is so cute! Little green girl, adorbs.

    Are you going the Good route this time? I can see Misty being a cop…or a thief, with all that adventuring.

    1. All of Misty’s traits are bad (she’s horribly mean) and Pistachio is already level 3 or 4 in criminal. I hate giving up the chance for more kids early. Maybe next time I’ll go good first.

      1. It’s only one more generation with the one child limitation, but I get your point. Though I think the No Sense of Humor trait would be more annoying than Rebellious, since funny interactions make friends easier.

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