Chapter 20

Well, it’s only been a little over a year, but we are back now.

TS3 2018-06-30 05-54-59-23.jpg

Watermelon is here.  She has completed all of her objectives, completed her LTW and is now just hanging out.

TS3 2018-06-30 05-55-08-17.jpg

Pistachio is right behind her.  She is currently at level 5 of the criminal career.

TS3 2018-06-30 05-55-20-68.jpg

Her wife is Misty.  We are currently working on her visa levels.  I vaguely recall some issues with not having adventures in China last year.

TS3 2018-06-30 05-55-48-11.jpg

Our heiress is Avocado, who spent the beginnings of her life unnamed and undocumented.

Oh and I apparently renamed her Key Lime.  WTF?  Also, when did they move to Moonlight Falls?

TS3 2018-06-30 06-36-46-93.jpg

Pistachio immediately completes a skill challenge.

TS3 2018-06-30 06-40-12-82.jpg

Key Lime woke up stinky.  Great Grandma was on hand, but she just picked her up and set her on the floor to cry.

TS3 2018-06-30 06-41-41-39.jpg

Watermelon adopted a cat.  Tiger and Sabby are out front waiting for her to come (and continue to wait for half a day).

TS3 2018-06-30 06-51-58-72.jpg

Watermelon headed back to the library to re-adopt Kiri.  This time she arrived.

TS3 2018-06-30 06-57-26-63.jpg

Key Lime’s stinkiness now has a reason.  Watermelon potty trains here as fast as she can.

TS3 2018-06-30 07-17-08-57.jpg

All the ghosts come out of their eternal sleep…to go back to sleep.

TS3 2018-06-30 07-23-17-30.jpg

Watermelon needs to go to France for work.  Good thing we needed to go travel somewhere anyway.

TS3 2018-06-30 07-28-52-28.jpg

TS3 2018-06-30 07-29-50-19.jpg

There’s shit adventures here.  Misty jogs around town for 20 visa points.

TS3 2018-06-30 07-38-17-17.jpg

Watermelon showed up and her opportunity completed (she just needs to return to work) even though the requirements were not met.  I have her go make ……I totally blanked on what she’s doing.  I might mention that I just woke up from a 6 hour nap (from when this was taken to now) and my brain is fuzzy.

Nectar!  Omg.  I had her make nectar while Misty was jogging.

TS3 2018-06-30 07-42-39-43.jpg

Her next adventure was to buy nectar of xx quality.

TS3 2018-06-30 07-43-12-20.jpg

And turn it into this guy who now wants food.  Lazy fuck can go make it himself.

TS3 2018-06-30 07-44-28-24.jpg

We buy several plates of food before we have the idea that she needs to make it herself.

TS3 2018-06-30 07-51-07-83.jpg

After making and giving that jerk some grilled cheese, Misty now has to go to Egypt.

Homeward bound after less than a day.

TS3 2018-06-30 08-01-26-19.jpg

TS3 2018-06-30 08-03-49-57.jpg

TS3 2018-06-30 08-04-19-03.jpg

TS3 2018-06-30 08-06-45-10.jpg

TS3 2018-06-30 08-08-14-40.jpg

Before booking the trip home, Misty clears out the accessible areas of the Nectary.  Maybe someday soon she will get some real adventures here.

TS3 2018-06-30 14-49-35-41.jpg

Back home (again), the sad decision was made to give Zoe to a neighbor.  Kiri was not happy about this at all because she had just finished her wish to be best friends with her.  I did everything I could to get a pet young again potion, but man it’s hard to get them 1,000 reward points much less 20,000.  That was an impossible task and we didn’t try too hard.

TS3 2018-06-30 14-57-41-89.jpg

With one less cat, Kiri and Tiger try to become friends.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-03-24-25.jpg

I saw  people off in the distance, at least three lots away.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-02-38-47.jpg

I was quite surprised to find a water balloon fight going along.  Usually sims don’t look interesting until you are within spitting distance of them.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-05-26-25.jpg

Watermelon’s cheap nectar garnered her a $46 raise.  Nice.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-06-51-78.jpg

Now we are on the right track.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-15-17-91.jpg

Misty went to France, the adventure was to pawn of some lady on poor sims in Egypt and then in China.  She just travels from one to the other without returning home.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-17-42-70.jpg

Teen:  Sure, that lady would be welcome here during her stay.
Misty:  Shouldn’t you ask your mom?
Teen:  Nah, it’ll be fine.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-23-50-85.jpg

Misty:  I really think I’m sick of traveling.

You and me both.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-26-33-31.jpg

Misty: Okay lady, I’m heading back to France.  Please know that I hate you.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-29-59-96.jpg

Misty:  You are now booked with some locals in both places.  Have a great time.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-30-49-86.jpg

No more adventures here.  So she takes the one where she has to collect pomegranates.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-34-44-22.jpg

Luckily, a house out in the country has a single tree, otherwise it would have been another trip to Al Simhara.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-38-20-13.jpg

Oh she’s pretty.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-38-55-74.jpg

I took her into CAS so we could see her in my defaults.  Still pretty.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-39-30-91.jpg

Well, at least Misty earned us some points.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-45-29-27.jpg

Misty: Where the hell am I now?

TS3 2018-06-30 15-46-29-47.jpg

TS3 2018-06-30 15-47-34-70.jpg

She’s back in China collecting copper since there are no adventures here.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-57-06-40.jpg

The copper has to be smelted, so while we wait for the next day, Misty gathers gems and metals over night.  She decides to peek into the Terra Cotta Army place.

TS3 2018-06-30 15-57-38-54.jpg

But she doesn’t have a key stone.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-00-51-35.jpg

TS3 2018-06-30 16-02-18-72.jpg

After turning in the copper for smelting, Misty grabs a couple of birds to sell and gathers more rocks and other junk.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-11-54-30.jpg

She napped and then went to sleep.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-13-52-40.jpg

Misty:  I think we should sell a plumbot.

Random much?

TS3 2018-06-30 16-15-10-18.jpg

Misty:  Next time you want copper smelted, get off your lazy ass and get all done yourself.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-23-23-59.jpg

Misty:  Lady, look I’m glad you like the mercury, but it was all within reach.  Get it yourself next time.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-23-51-36.jpg

This just repeats with gathering copper.  I’m done people.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-24-34-47.jpg

Misty:  I have your crap, lady.
Lady:  The fan things are in my way.
Dude:  Hello, that counter is in my way!

They eventually maneuver themselves around and Misty gets the hell out of there.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-29-25-17.jpg

She went under the market, but it has been completed.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-30-19-04.jpg

There was an incomplete section that she did.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-33-29-21.jpg

A room full of treasure to be collected.  Too bad she kept dropping the loot interaction.  It all stays behind.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-36-31-49.jpg

I guess it’s a good thing she came down here.  She found all the keystones she needed.

TS3 2018-06-30 16-37-56-42.jpg

She even gets credit for completing it.

TS3 2018-06-30 17-56-11-21 TS3 2018-06-30 17-56-17-76

Back home, the “twins” were born.  Did we know they were pregnant?

TS3 2018-06-30 17-58-54-67.jpg

I though it was cute that Lime called immediately after the notifications.

TS3 2018-06-30 18-01-45-85.jpg

TS3 2018-06-30 18-01-54-89.jpg

The potential spouses for Key Lime are seen.  We will have to keep an eye on them.

TS3 2018-06-30 18-20-06-52.jpg

I deleted the WA nhb files.  We have reset tombs!  Too bad that does not reset Misty’s adventures.

TS3 2018-06-30 18-32-12-05.jpg

She was able to go back in and get another tomb completed though.

I grabbed Shimrod’s unlimited adventures.  We’ll be giving that a try next time.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 20

  1. Good luck with the travelling, I’ve had a lot of issues with it in legacy games. Soooo many collecting quests for some reason, no-one wants legacy sims to help them in the tombs. But get fresh sims in a new save file, and suddenly everyone wants tombs looted!

    1. It has to do with the one sim traveler per family. If you’re first gen person completes all the tombs, no other can. It’s stupid and annoying. After Misty is done, I’ll be saving them to the bin and moving them to a non-travel save. I can make do with the resetting of tombs and a mod to allow for more adventures, but it’s annoying.

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