Marcy 1

This was posted on a forum that was needing space, so I am adding it in with the other Vinson’s.

Originally posted December 2014.


Dear Dad,

Indigo and I are settling in nicely.  I find it hard to survive without the constant noise of my 12 siblings.  It’s even harder to survive without the cushion of our millions of dollars.


I fear that your reanimation potion has failed.  Indigo still believes he is a dead horse.  In fact, I wake up some mornings to find him in my room waiting for our daily ride.  Speaking of, we are having a great time exploring Lucky Palms.


Indigo is quite enjoying his new home.  The reanimation potion did not include his level 10 racing or jumping skills.  He is quite put out that he has to train again.


Please keep this to yourself dad.  I am so bored that I found myself splashing in puddles.  Let’s not even get into the fact that it was horse pee.


Whoever said it does not rain in the desert is a liar.  It ALWAYS rains here.  I hate it.  Indigo especially hates it because he sleeps outdoors.  I worry for his health.



Dear Daddy,

I am glad that everyone back home is doing well.  We are doing okay too.  I found a community garden.  I was able to harvest and sell half the produce.  The other half is what is keeping me and Indigo in food.  I even had enough money to finish my class in advanced horse racing.  Indigo quite enjoyed his time as stud and brought in enough money to buy a mare named Misty.

She is fast, nervous, genius and Clueless.  I think that might be classified is impossible, but whatever.  I guess horses can be stupidly smart?  Can’t they?


Misty and Indigo are getting along great.  I bet there will be foals coming soon!

I find that Misty always looks right at me like she wants to say something.  It’s pretty weird.


To the man who helped give me life:


I spent the day back at the community garden.  I harvested the other half and it took almost 12 hours!  I at least had enough to pay bills and feed the horses.  Misty is now pregnant and she eats twice as much as Indigo now.


Dear Dad,

Thanks for telling everyone that it was just a joke.  The phone calls from the boys have finally stopped.  Their constant teasing and pranks over the past days were getting tiresome.


I broke the toilet.  Again.  I can’t wait to have enough money to upgrade this bathroom.


Dear Daddy,

I have taken your suggestions to heart.  It may not be exactly what you had in mind, but it works for me.



I went out and met some people.



One in particular was interested in being my roommate.  I thought it over and agreed.



Dear Father,

The repo lady came today even though I had a receipt that I paid my bills.  I am going to miss that dining room chair.


Dear Daddy,


I no longer have my roommate.  He was nice enough to let me keep his move-in deposit though.


Dear Father,

I don’t understand why you are so upset.  Who cares that my roommate was a man?  It’s not the 1900’s anymore.  Hell, it ain’t even the ’50’s.  You are such a hypocrite!  Aren’t you the man who had 12 kids with at least 6 different mothers?

Anyway, I am only writing to let you know that Misty and Indigo welcomed Jackrabbit this morning.  I am trying not to let your angry letter ruin the day.


Dear Daddy,

Today I almost got the trough upgraded to auto-fill.  I came down with a nasty case of the flu.  My letters will be scarce until I feel better.


Dear Daddy,

You are going to be a grandpa! *rips up page*

Dear Father,

I fear that I have been a little lax in my birth control.

Dear Father,

I’m knocked up.  There I said it.  I, of course, will not be sending this letter until I am positive you won’t come out here and kick my ass.


Dear Daddy,

Of course I am not avoiding your phone calls or letters!  I promise, nothing is wrong.


My main worry is for Misty, daddy.  She refused to go to her new home.  JR insists that he misses his mommy even though she has not left the lot in several days.


I did find some time to finish upgrading the trough.  Indigo spends half the day splashing the water out, so it is nice that I no longer need to trek out into the pasture to refill it anymore.


Dear Daddy,

I have had the enclosed letter saved aside for a few months now.  I am now feeling brave enough to tell you the truth.


I should warn you (or any siblings you send in your stead) that I have adopted a guard dog.  He is very ferocious.  Please do not show up unnanounced for a fear for your safety.


Dear Supreme Father Being,

That last letter threatening to lock me in a closet for the rest of my life was not nice.  Please do not send any brothers.  I have already mentioned that I have a guard dog.  I would hate for anyone to get hurt.


JR and Cash are getting along wonderfully!  I cannot believe that JR will be having his birthday tomorrow already!


The two really enjoy watching Indigo train.  I have half a mind to enter into some competitions after the baby.


Dear Father,

I still cannot believe you have not forgiven me.  I will continue to write even if you do insist on ignoring my letters.  I will just address them to mom instead.


Dear Mom,

You married an asshole.  That is all.


Dear Mom,

Fine, I’m sorry I called my asshole father an asshole.  Happy?


I took your suggestion and started a hobby.  I wrote one book at the library, but I think I prefer painting.


Dear Mom,

Thank you for suggesting that construction company.  I had them out the other day and they started on the new house today.


I found a gnome at the garden recently.  I named him after daddy.  Mr. Asshole went on to have his own baby.  I named him Seth.  I then kicked Mr. Asshole and sold him for some much needed money.


Dear Mom and Dad,

No, you cannot disown me.


Dear Mom and Dad,


Today started off wonderful and got even better!   First, Jackrabbit finally got over the loss of his mom.


Second, the house got finished!  It’s not much, but only because I ran out of money.  The construction company said that I can call them anytime for any adjustments.

I am enclosing some interior pictures.


First floor barn.


Second floor house.

The decorator ran out of money before she could put in the washer or dryer.  Most disturbing was when I realized she went nowhere near the nursery.  I fear the baby will be sleeping on the floor.


Dear Daddy,

No, I don’t need a loan.  Thanks for offering, but I can do this on my own.  Tell mom that I would love to have the old stuff from your nursery.  I am feeling some pain now, daddy.  I think the baby will be here soon.

As always, send my love to everyone and I will write again soon.

Love, Marcy, Indigo, Jackrabbit and Cash.


Dear Father,


We spent the morning watching Indigo train.


The pains intensified, but the baby is refusing to come out.  The doctor suggested I walk around.


During my walk I found a ton of items!  I was pretty excited.  I found 4 seeds of which I have not figured out what they are, one Wolfsbane seed, two pieces of silver, one piece of iron, one Iridescent shieldtail snake and one Pygmy tortoise!  I wanted to keep them, but they fetched such nice prices at the local petting zoo ($997 for the snake, $686 for the turtle).  I am so excited to be able to fix up the nursery since mom could not find our old nursery stuff to send.


Dear Mom,

LABOR SUCKS!  I cannot believe people do this crap on purpose.


Apparently the baby was just waiting for me to do his nursery.  I went into labor immediately afterward.  Details will come shortly.  Must. Push. Now.


Dear Mom,

Your contractor is a moron.  He forgot to put doors on any of the rooms.  The nursery is not ready and I find myself still in labor.


Dear Dad,

I’m not sure why the contractor was so scared when he showed up, but everything is in working order.  The doctor is worried and I must head to the hospital now.


Dear Dad,

Texting you from the hospital room.  I know you’re sorry you can’t be here and I understand.


Yes, the father did show up, but I don’t think he was too happy about it.  It might also be because I hired a lawyer recently and I will be receiving child support.


Dear Mom and Daddy,


I want you to meet the newest member of the family.  Judith was born at 2:56 on Sunday afternoon.  She is a genius bookworm.


Judith quickly had a birthday.  I was quite surprised that she got my eyes and ears and her dads hair and skin.  Her father has balked at paying child support and I had to go on welfare.  I think I might need a new roommate to help make ends meet.


Judith appears to be more interested in toys than in learning logic or music.  I will keep the pegs and xylophone out just in case she changes her mind.  Tomorrow I will be out looking for a new mare and a roommate.


Dear Father,


Jackrabbit finally had his birthday.  He has more black on him, otherwise I would think him and Indigo were twins and not father/son.  He is brave and ornery!  I hope that does not make him harder to train.  He aged up with level 8 racing and level 7 jumping!  How exciting.  I fear that he will have to be sold though.  Training will start tomorrow.


Cash was supposed to have his birthday too, but he was too busy murdering a baby gnome.  I was too tired after the delivery to scold him, but I dragged myself downstairs anyway.

It turned out that I had put Cash’s dog toys away and he could not get one.  I think all chewing will be on toys as long as I remember not to put them away.  Instead of going to back to bed, I got Judith walking.  We were both exhausted by the end.


Dear Father,

I’m so tired.  So. Freakin’. Tired.


Will the crying ever stop?  Please say that it does.

I’m going to go back to bed for a few minutes.  I hope.


Dear Mom and Dad,


I started training JR this morning.  It seems to be going well, but it might take a while.


Judith’s babysitter swears that Cash is some sort of mutant.


I think she was just making it up since he looks perfectly fine to me.  I will hopefully get him started hunting soon.  It will be nice to have him to help supplement the income.

No, the child support still has not started up, dad.  The guy is definitely a jerk.  Yes, you are right, I AM better off without him.



Did you really have to send Judith one of these things?  Yick.

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