Marcy 4

Dear Family,

We tried coming home yesterday, but mom’s grave got lost during the flight.  We had to come back to retrieve it.  Seth’s descendants are fighting for custody, but luckily it is my birthday today.  We should be able to delay the hearing.


To appear more stable, we used our money to buy a local house.


Mom’s headstone sits right outside to keep us focused on our task.


We spent the rest of the day doing research on how to bring her back.



This was quickly interrupted since I had chosen not to have a party while still in mourning.


There was no time to waste.  We had a lot of reading to do and we still were not sure it would work.  I studied cooking.  Carson refused to help at first.  Seth chose logic and Ellen chose alchemy.  This left Carson to learn gardening, which angered him.


Who knew that reading only two skill books would complete my LTW?  Must be all that cooking I did back home.


Day 2:  Ellen and Seth got started on their research.



Carson was being a jerk and refused to start a garden.  I made him read up on fishing and inventing as punishment.  He took off to try out fishing and seems to enjoy it.  I think he wants a higher skill so that he can read more books.


I ran off to the catacombs hoping for some help there.


It was not my best idea and I will never go back again.


Ellen is taking it the hardest.  I finally contacted the science facility here, but they never got back to me.


We were running out of options and I grabbed Mom’s headstone and went back to the graveyard hoping for a miracle.


Things did not go as expected and now I have to tell the others that we had to raise our mother.


After looking closely at the baby’s skintone, I knew something was off.


Grim’s door is a failure.

Dear Grim,

That idea we concocted failed.  Hard.


Per your request, I am back to try that other option you offered.


Dear Grandparents in the distant past,

I am trying yet again to devise a decent plan to bring Mother back.


It took me almost an hour to come to a decision, but I think I made the right choice in the end.  I gave The Reaper another chance to help out the family.


Or so I hope.


As the next oldest, I felt that Carson deserved to know what I had done.  Although he was not happy about it, he agreed it was good to at least try since everything else has failed so far.


The Bot Shop got permission to also house the consignment stores.  Ellen went down in search of something, but she was not telling anyone what it was.


Seth was still making potions throughout the day.  He was also able to con the Paparazzi bot into a game of tag.


It was after midnight when Seth finally became the first person in the house to accomplish their task.  It was a nice birthday present for him.


Seth has decided to take up fishing since Carson has decided that bot building was more important than saving mom.


I woke up last night craving cookies.  I guess it is a good thing that I am the cook in the house.


Carson tried out Ellen’s newest concoction.  It was turned out to be well worth it, so everyone drank some skill booster potions.


Ellen then decided to try out the Potent Skill boosters.


So far, Seth has not commented on my recent weight gain.  We spent the afternoon fishing quietly together.


Carson got skilled enough to read four more fishing books.  He then passed them off to Seth, who was able to read the first couple of books.  I figured if I was hungry and in need of the bathroom, so were they.  I called them all home.


Seth made it about five feet before he stopped to have his birthday.  I hope he forgives us for forgetting.

Dear Grandma,


We are about to find out if the plan can go into phase 2*.  Money is tight and I spent the remainder of the pregnancy out in the wastelands excavating and collecting junk.


I find it funny that of all the things pregnant women can’t do, riding the hoverboard in labor to the hospital is not one of them.


So far, so good, Grandma.  I may not be ready to be a mother, but I am going to give it a try.



My daughter Lindsay was born first and Hamilton came shortly after her.  Both are witches, so phase 2 is a go.


As an added bonus, it seems that my babies gave me some of their talent!


The witch egg donor called up and asked to be apart of the twins’ lives.  I had planned to head back home, but could not without the other mom.  After explaining the whole plan to her, she still wanted to be with the kids.


She moved right in and said it was doubly good because we might have to revise the plan if phase 2 fails.



We did really well getting the kids trained, but by the end Hamilton was being a brat.  He got put in timeout after trying to turn Seth into a frog.


Isn’t she adorable?  We get along really, really well and I find myself slightly attracted to her.


In fact, we might be going home with a souvenir.



We decided to hold off long enough for the twins to have their birthday.


To say we fail at cheating the lottery is putting it mildly.

We never documented it due to the birth of the twins, but Carson had his birthday that night.



Now that we are safely back home, Carson allowed us to get a photo for you before he moves out.  Mom would be so proud of him.


Dear Grandmother,

I am hopeful that you received the packet of letters that we wrote while we were away.  Please know that we are still working diligently on Phase 2.


Ellen is not sure Phase 2 will work in the end.  She has no interest in becoming a witch and we need a powerful one.  It was her idea that someone needed to breed with a witch.  Both Lindsay and Hamilton are witches, but neither one is very strong now because I leeched some of their power.


The fact is, Ellen will be having a birthday tomorrow and her biggest worry right now is if Seth will be her BFF.  He agreed and made plans to move in with her when he became a young adult.


The kids hid their own hunger to make sure the foals got in their last bottle fed meal.







They did indeed have their birthdays later that night and they look amazing.


Needing more powerful magic proved correct.  Me and Blueberry alone just were not going to cut it.  We tried and tried until our magic was all tapped out.


Ellen pulls off the family fake smile very well!  She seemed pretty excited to be moving out.

I guess I would be too if I was stuck in a house with two hormonal pregnant women.


Dear Grandmother,


Not much going on around here.  Well, except Blueberry went into labor.


It didn’t take long to realize that our little wizard was something special.

No, Grandma, we did not name him Harry.  His name is Chris and he is more powerful than his older siblings.


Skilling went quickly while the others were at school.


Seth has been disappearing after school.  It seems he has been sneaking off to the local festival.


Blueberry trained Eldin, only two more to go!



Chris was a quick learner and had his birthday right before bedtime.


Dear Family,


Another kid was popped out at 9:31 am. It’s a girl named Abbie.


The mom’s seem to think she is the final ingredient to bringing the dead Grandma back.

I think they are all stupid.  I bet she comes back a brain eating zombie!  That would be so neat!

Great.  I have to do homework.   Maybe I will get another chance to write later.







and Spring are ready to be sold along with Eldin.  I don’t think anyone will ever try to do three foals at a time again.  I hear it was horrible.


*Phase 2 is whatever legal way I can find to resurrect Marcie.  Oh My Ghost opportunity never showed up.  Grim’s Ghastly Manor Door did not work.  Judith having witch twins was to resurrect her, but (5 years later) I now know they can only reanimate her into a zombie.  They will probably go with Ambrosia or the genie lamp at this point.

*2023 – *slaps 9 years ago me*  They can reanimate her into a zombie and then use a Potent Cure Elixir.


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