Chapter 22

Welcome back to the longest generation in my simming history.  It has had one post in each of the following years:  2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.  The goal is to get done before we have to have one in 2020.

Last time:  Who cares!  That was months ago.  Go read it (I did).

Left over from June:

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I didn’t see these on the last chapter, so I must have just ran out of space or time to document them.  Mostly it’s a townie who froze, but not to death.  Cleaning up France of all their crap so they can go home and then Watermelon cutting all the gems.

Oh and Key Lime, at 9 years old, completed her LTW.

TS3 2019-11-10 12-01-24TS3 2019-11-10 12-01-47TS3 2019-11-10 12-02-02TS3 2019-11-10 12-02-23

As a reminder, the house is packed with crap.  The lot runs horribly and I need to locate my Vinson Gem collection worksheet.  I may need to pack some of this crap away or start selling it off.


White areas: Still needed
Black Areas:  No cut for this gem.
Skull:  I have none, so there is just an empty column for it.
This should be clickable to make it full sized.


I have no clue why I don’t have the 5 easiest bugs in the world, but oh well.  I’m wondering if they were used for child/teen collection opportunities.


I’ll have to check, but I think I have two of these and never documented them.


So many stinking butterflies/moths.

TS3 2019-11-10 12-55-34.jpg

If you can spot Watermelon, good on you.

TS3 2019-11-10 13-07-09.jpg

Pepper is out long after daybreak playing the drums

TS3 2019-11-10 13-15-13.jpg

TS3 2019-11-10 13-16-26.jpg

Tiger is now neat (she got fleas and washed herself) and Pistachio gains a cooking skill level (9) to become a Menu Maven.

TS3 2019-11-10 13-23-01.jpg

When someone wants to get an elixir, they must make their own in this house.

TS3 2019-11-10 13-29-36.jpg

Pepper is out.  I’m not sure if she ever left at this  moment.  Sabby howls along with her.

TS3 2019-11-10 13-54-32.jpg

Pistachio finally hits the 7th level.  She chooses the Evil branch.

TS3 2019-11-10 14-19-42.jpg

We have two female kittens.  One is Quilty in honor of a cute kitty I saw on FB and the other is moving out.  I think her name was Zippy or something.

The one that is fluffy moves out.

TS3 2019-11-10 14-21-32.jpg

I put out more lights in the yard, so some are booing Pepper, who stopped to watch the birth and the others are checking out 100 new objects.

TS3 2019-11-10 14-24-04.jpg

TS3 2019-11-10 14-24-13.jpg

Mommy and daddy cuddle the new babies.

TS3 2019-11-10 14-34-49.jpg

Sabby and Watermelon are on a collecting spree.  Sabby yanks out a Soulpeace.  Watermelon gets about 5 rocks that we need.

TS3 2019-11-10 14-39-28.jpg

Then she starts collecting them.  Note that it’s broad daylight.

TS3 2019-11-10 14-43-28.jpg

No one is pleased about her activities today.  I was annoyed and reset all the ghosts.

TS3 2019-11-10 14-50-11.jpg

If you’re wondering why Watermelon is in her martial arts outfit, it’s because all she does in her spare time is break space rocks.  She wants to break 10 of them.

TS3 2019-11-10 14-51-41.jpg

Key Lime finally plays Hopscotch with Pistachio.  She loses the first game.

TS3 2019-11-10 14-53-48.jpg

But kicks ass in the 2nd.

Key Lime:  Does this mean I can go inside now?
Nope, you want to make 10 elixirs.  Get to it.

TS3 2019-11-10 15-09-29.jpg

As Pistachio escapes the rain, I notice a mess.  Both are broken so Pistachio gets to work and Misty mops.

TS3 2019-11-10 15-15-56.jpg

Zippy or whatever is now on her way to her new house down the street.

TS3 2019-11-10 15-19-11.jpg

They decide at the last minute to crash a party.

TS3 2019-11-10 15-19-54.jpg

They pull to find a dude crying uncontrollably over the lights.

TS3 2019-11-10 15-22-27.jpg

Key Lime and Misty chat over video games.

TS3 2019-11-10 15-24-18.jpg

And this guy just wants everyone to leave so he can go to bed.

TS3 2019-11-10 15-29-39.jpg

Back home, Pistachio can’t break space rocks yet (she keeps injuring her hand), so she works on her martial arts skill instead.

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