Current Tally’s


Current count: 4


1.  Bradley Rucker – wishing well.  Evil, lucky, frugal, artistic, genius.


2.  Rahsaan Harbin – wishing well.  Heavy sleeper, mooch, loves the outdoors, unflirty, bookworm.

3.  Reid Tolliver – wishing well.  Irresistible, Coward, Dramatic, Hates the Outdoors, Great Kisser.

4.  Kyle Valdez – Tessa.  He had empty traits, so for me, he ended up with randomized traits:  Easily Impressed, equestrian, loves the heat, over-emotional and savvy sculptor.


Children 5-? Belong to Blueberry Muffin, who comes with Berry’s save, Sugar Valley (halfway down in a question containing the link) and slightly made over by me.

Please note that this one is a Library file, and will go in the library folder of your sims 3 folder.


Current count:  3 females, 3 male6/100


1.  Judith

Traits: Workaholic, Loves the Outdoors, Natural Cook, Genius Friendly.
Likes: Epic, Stir Fry, Sea Foam
LTW:  Culinary Librarian

2.  Carson

Traits: Avante Garde, Lucky, Hopeless Romantic, and Genius. (missed his child to teen trait) give him whatever you want there.
Likes: Latin, Firecracker Shrimp, Green.
LTW:  Illustrious Author

3. Ellen

Traits: Adventurous, Rebellious, Artistic, Charismatic, Ambitious.

4.  Seth – Teen

Judith’s unneeded kids:

Lindsay – Child

Hamilton – Child




5 males.  1 Female. (2 Unicorns.  4 Horses).  6/50.

1. Jackrabbit.  Mother is Misty (Equestrian Center).  Unicorn.  Successfully trained.  Brave, fast and agile.  Level 8 Race and Level 8 jump

Stud: $2,000
Sell:  $10,265

2.  Cupid.  Mother is Pepper.  (Adoption Agency).  Horse.  Successfully trained.  Fast, friendly and obedient.  Level 8 race, Level 10 jump

Stud: $2,344
Sell: $11,703

3. Troy.  Mother is Amarantine by Khala.  Horse.  Successfully trained.  Fast, noisy and brave.  Level 5 race, Level 10 jump.

Stud: $1,921
Sell: $9,610


4.  Spring.  Mother is Misty #2.  (Equestrian Center).  Horse.

5.  Eldin.  Mother is Baby. (Equestrian Center).  Unicorn.

6.  Alegra.  Mother is Myra. (Equestrian Center). Horse.