Golden Plumbobs 2020


It’s that time of the year again!  Golden Plumbobs nominations are done and voting time is here.

I was nominated for the following categories:

Palmer Whisperer:

Vinson Epic 2.0
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Daymore Apocalypse
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Best Common Challenge

Wells Name Game
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Best Rare Challenge:

Megahood Wants
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Best ISBI Challenge:

Tart Bent Out of Shape
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Golden Plumbobs 2019


I have been nominated for Golden Plumbobs again!  Here is what is nominated.  You can vote for me or any of the other great options on this topic area at

Palmer Whisperer
Vinson Epic 2.0
Vatore Monster Mash

Golden Votes Terminator
Annabella, The Immortal Teen
The Vatore OWBC

Best Common Challenge
Tart’s: Bent Out of Shape

Best Uncommon Challenge
Ivory’s Sliding Doors

Best Legacy with a Twist
Lavender Wishes

Chapter 14.5: The Do-Over

I really missed these guys.  So much so, that after the failed challenge, I did not play Sims 3 that much until right around April 1 (I played the hell out of Sims 2 and Sims 4 though).  After almost six months off, I went back and got my Parker’s started up again and actually enjoyed playing, so I thought I would bring these guys back for two reasons.  One, I mentioned first.  I missed them.  And two, because I am doing the Boolpropian Olympics and I get points for a legacy/challenge to get to generation 5!

Sim Check:

TS3W 2016-04-13 07-51-15-39

We have Zackary holding Pistachio, Joseph and Watermelon.  Four generations in one shot.

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Chapter 6

This update is brought to you courtesy of Madcapp and the rescue dog she made, Wallflower.  Wallflower joined the challenge with Peat Moss and Mineral Ice, if you remember.

We left off fairly soon after saying goodbye to Girl Friday.  I also have decided not to do split chapter anymore.

Screenshot (700x525)

Cookie is still kicking.  I am having to spend a lot of time this update with the pets.  I can’t keep their socials up at all.

Cookie:  Flies are awesome!
Mineral:  Will they keep the dastardly yetis away?

Screenshot-3 (700x525)

Mineral:  Who’s mama’s good girl?  Yes, yes you are!
Wallflower:  Hoomins are lame, but let’s keep playing.

Screenshot-4 (700x525)

Mineral:  I’m here, Cascade.  Let’s get you all settled.
Cascade:  I’m soooo lonely!

Even though there are a billion other pets running around to interact with.

Screenshot-7 (700x525)

Brushing a horse makes you want babies?  Or just a stroller?  Either way, you won’t get either.

Screenshot-8 (700x525)

Peat Moss:  I’m so neglected.  No one loves me!
Mineral:  Here I am.  No need for dramatics.

Screenshot-9 (700x525)

Asterix has moved into the hot tub.  He doesn’t leave for a few days…seriously.

Screenshot-10 (700x525)

Peat:  I don’t get love or enough exercise.  You hoomins suck!

Screenshot-12 (700x525)

Cyan Star:  Oh, finally decided to grace us with your presence?  I hope you don’t expect me to feel honored, loser.

Screenshot-13 (700x525)

Cyan:  Oh ho..thanks for the brushing.  I’m in a better mood already!
Mineral:  Does that mean you’ll call off the attack yeti’s you called in?

Screenshot-15 (700x525)

Milky Way:  I’m so lonely, too.  Where is my loves?

Screenshot-18 (700x525)

Milky Way:  I’d be in a happier mood if you would paint my portrait!
Mineral:  I will consider your request.

Screenshot-21 (700x525)

Wallflower:  I know I had my turn already, but I need more attention.

Screenshot-22 (700x525)

Mineral:  Okay, but then I have to go eat and sleep.

Screenshot-23 (700x525)

Cookie:  Soooo lonely!  Where’s the love?

Screenshot-24 (700x525)

Asterix to the rescue.  These animals are driving me nuts this time around.  They never have this much trouble.

Screenshot-26 (700x525)

Even Marie started having pet wishes to help combat the loneliness.

Screenshot-28 (700x525)

Danny:  I want the boy hoomin back.  When’s he coming?
Comet: I am here!  Although, it seems your thought bubble doesn’t want me to be seen.

Screenshot-29 (278x344)

Level 9!  Goooo Asterix.   Also, Mineral Ice has maxed painting, she just needs to start on her guitar now.

Screenshot-30 (700x525)

Orion came for a visit!  Happy Haunting.

Screenshot-32 (700x525)

Marie was upgrading a sprinkler and I thought it would be a good idea to send Mineral in to help.  No good.  She has no handiness skill and she just up and left after like two minutes.

Screenshot-33 (700x525)

~Sob~   My poor Milky Way.  I love you!

Screenshot-35 (700x525)

Grimmy will take good care of you, or else!

Screenshot-37 (700x525)

And in a flash of light, Grimmy and Milky Way teleported away.

Screenshot-44 (700x525)

It’s MIneral Ice’s job to hit the adults with the moodlet manager.

Screenshot-47 (700x525)

Roarke:  Milky Sad smile.
Mineral:  Welcome home, let me fix you up, baby.

Screenshot-49 (700x525)

Roarke:  That was amazing.  Thanks!

Screenshot-53 (700x525)

I wanted to see what Roarke would do, so I had him flirt with her once.

Screenshot-55 (700x525)

Within a few minutes, they were both happy and Mineral was quite ecstatic over rejoining the meter high club again.

Screenshot-56 (700x525)

Later on I found this.  I was like, No!  No TFB!

Screenshot-57 (700x525)

Then I saw who it was like, and I said Carry on, kids!

They laid there chatting all night.  It was so sweet.

Screenshot-60 (279x98)

Comet still exists, but she is missing her brother and super boring on top of that…for now.

Screenshot-61 (700x525)

Comet:  All alone….

Screenshot-63 (700x525)

Comet: Forever alone…Lonely bus ride.  No brother.

Screenshot-64 (700x525)

Cobalt sighting!   Yay…um Cobalt?

Cobalt:  Help, I’m invisible!

Poor kid.  I tried resetting him, but that didn’t work.  I then Debugenabled him, removed him in edit town and then put him back in the house.

Screenshot-65 (700x525)

My poor bb showed up like this.

Screenshot-66 (700x525)

A quick check back to the previous update and he is back to normal.  Why is he home?  Birthday time!

Screenshot-68 (700x525)

Okay.  Comet’s cake and the candles are lit.  I thought she was invisible too.  I almost panicked…then I heard…

Comet:  HELP!  Help!!!

Screenshot-69 (700x525)Screenshot-70 (700x525)Screenshot-71 (700x525)

What the heck?   This is not the way to blow out candles, girl.

Screenshot-78 (700x525)

Okay, everyone.  There’s your heiress!  Hmm that’s a horrible pic.

Screenshot-79 (700x525)

Okay, still not good.

Screenshot-82 (700x525)

She is a doll.  I love her.  The hair will change again and maybe again after that too.  I haven’t found one I like on her yet.

Cobalt:  Starving.  Yay!

Screenshot-83 (700x525)

Hurry up, Roarke.  I want to keep him.  I don’t even care that he looks like his dad and grandpa with a little bit of MI thrown in.   Comet has more of her dad’s coloring with MI’s face.

My two rebels Open-mouthed smile

Screenshot-85 (700x525)

Starweaver was keeping an eye on “his” hoomins, but fell asleep too.

Screenshot-87 (700x525)

Cyan Star:  Birthday!  I say, it’s my birthday!

Screenshot-90 (700x525)

Peat Moss:  Oh, my poor stud. He’s so old now.  Sad smile

Screenshot-91 (700x525)Screenshot-92 (700x525)Screenshot-93 (700x525)Screenshot-94 (700x525)

Asterix:  What the hell?  Why would you skip school on the very first day?  Your evil father, never skipped school!
Comet:  You mean, he never got caught?
Asterix:  Exactly.  You, my dear, are no Roarke.  Your rebellious ways are going to stop, starting now!  Get to school!

Screenshot-95 (700x525)

Asterix stood there and waited for her to leave for school.

Screenshot-97 (700x525)

Cobalt:  I just had a birthday, grandpa!
Asterix:  How come you’re still here.  Aren’t they forcing you to leave for boarding school?
Cobalt:  Nope.  Dad has one more day of work before level 10, but he has the next two days off.  In the meantime, I get to stay and go to prom!
Asterix:  Major points loss, boy.

Screenshot-100 (700x525)

Marie:  I really wish I could scold you for peeing on the porch, but that isn’t an option.  Good boy for being neat!

Screenshot-103 (700x525)

It’ll be okay, MI.  I promise.
Mineral Ice:  How are we gonna go on now?

Screenshot-105 (700x525)

I swear, it’ll be okay.

Screenshot-107 (700x525)

Grimmy:  Marie Vinson, your time on this plain is up.  Please join your ancestors in oblivion.

Screenshot-109 (700x525)

Everyone: ~~sob~~

Quiet voice:  I don’t even thinks so, caped one.  Bring her back.  NOW!

Screenshot-116 (700x525)

Grimmy:  Marie Vinson, because of your dogs love for you, you get more time on this simworld.  Use your time wisely.

Screenshot-124 (700x525)

Marie:  I love you too, Wallflower.  Thank you so much.

~I quickly MC’d her back in the house before she could become a homeless NPC.

Screenshot-125 (350x107)

Screenshot-126 (700x525)

I wanted this girl for Comet so bad.  She is so pretty, but they are both straight.  I was heartbroken.  Her name is Janet Thrasher, she was in my bin with purple hair, so I made it over and made her a teen.  I have no clue where she came from.

Screenshot-131 (700x525)

While they chatted……

Screenshot-133 (700x525)

Grimmy:  Asterix Vinson, because your wife dodged the afterlife, it has been decreed that you will replace her.

Screenshot-136 (700x525)

Asterix:  No don’t take me!  I’m not ready!
Roarke: My new house from 20 sim years ago is awesome…DAD?  WTF??

Screenshot-139 (700x525)

Roarke:  WOOHOOO!  It’s my birthday and I’m in my underwear!

Screenshot-140 (700x525)

Grimmy:  I think you need medication son.  You can’t celebrate while I’m taking your loved one away.
Cobalt:  Dad, grandpa’s gone.  Show some respect.

Screenshot-144 (700x525)

Asterix:  I’m back. Now where the hell is my bed?

Screenshot-147 (276x96)

The young again potion that I bought a couple of dog generations ago will be given to Wallflower.  She deserves to stay for as long as she can.

The only downside is that I had to MC him back into the house too.  Him and Marie are listed as exes with 0 friendship.  I cheated them back to husband/wife and the relationship bar reset itself as maxed.

Screenshot-149 (700x525)

Janet:  Omg. O-M-G!  It’s Cobalt.  I love him!

Screenshot-150 (700x525)

Janet:  Ohhhh MYYYYY GOOOOLLYYYY!!!!   Yippeee!

Screenshot-151 (700x525)

Comet:  HI nice to meetcha, Cruz.  Too bad you wear those lame ass CHiPs glasses from the ’70’s.

I HATE those glasses AND the 70’s, FYI.

Screenshot-152 (700x525)

Dammit.  We are keeping him just for that.
Cruz:  I LOVE ghosts.  They are the best ever!

Screenshot-153 (700x525)

Comet:  Really!?!  Me too!  In fact, I have to get a job as a ghost hunter!

Screenshot-158 (700x525)

Comet:  Ohhh goody! We have compatible signs.

Janet:  You must be joking, Cobalt.  I will not go to prom with you…ugh!

Screenshot-159 (700x525)

Cobalt:  Goes home.
Comet:  So, like do you have a girl?
Cruz:  No, not currently.
Comet:  Want to hit up the prom with me?

Screenshot-161 (334x112)

More like, she’ll give you a shot 1-star boy.  She has 3 stars for being related to Asterix, Roarke and Marie.

Screenshot-164 (700x525)

Comet:  So, back to the ghost situation.  Do you really like them?

Screenshot-166 (700x525)

Cruz:  I sure do.  I even have a job at the mausoleum!

It’s at this point, that I was glad he stumbled in to the museum.

Screenshot-171 (700x525)

So much so that I gave him a little upgrade.

Screenshot-173 (700x525)

I had her get a couple of flirts in to cement their borderline acquaintance/pre-friendship.   Very slow going with her and her 0 charisma.

Screenshot-175 (700x525)

We end this update saying good night to Cookie and Danny.

Wallflower:  Her adoptable page and her download page.  Maddy’s other rescue pet, Presley will be the future mate of Danny.