Chapter 21

Well, my once a year posting continues on.  Although it has not actually been 365 days yet, more like 333.

Last chapter had the, “It’s been over a year…” introduction.  Not a single thing has changed, so you can go head and read that chapter again to figure out what the hell is going on.

I mentioned putting in Shimrod’s Unlimited Adventures, which didn’t help too much.  So, I just deleted all the world files for traveling.

TS3 2019-05-29 07-26-04.jpg

TS3 2019-05-29 07-27-48.jpg

Misty is sent back to China where she finds new people and all the tombs have finally reset.

TS3 2019-05-29 07-38-33.jpg

Just doing a couple of random things and then completing the quest for the old man puts her to Visa 2.

TS3 2019-05-31 07-36-06.jpg

Off she goes to see another person just to make sure we continue to get new quests.

TS3 2019-05-31 07-30-10 TS3 2019-05-31 07-36-24

And it’s official.

TS3 2019-05-31 07-36-57.jpg

A quick check shows that she needs to head to France and do 4 tombs there.

TS3 2019-05-31 07-51-02.jpg

Back home, waiting down the timer, Key Lime has her birthday.

TS3 2019-05-31 07-51-27.jpg

Yes, Watermelon is still hanging around.

TS3 2019-05-31 08-02-56.jpg

Key Lime is completely human with a tiny bit of alien.  She is not a fairy or a genie sadly.  She looks the same as she did as a toddler really.  Her traits suck, but since she is going the business track (track b), it shouldn’t affect her later on either.

TS3 2019-06-01 06-05-06.jpg

Everyone heads to France for 21 days of “fun”.

TS3 2019-06-01 06-05-56.jpg

Misty immediately starts adventuring.

TS3 2019-06-01 06-09-31.jpg

Key Lime thwarts every attempt at learning anything..but not for long.

TS3 2019-06-01 06-17-20.jpg

Misty, on the other hand, is doing her job nicely.

TS3 2019-06-01 06-32-33.jpg

Key Lime:  Screw learning logic and painting.  I want out of here!

TS3 2019-06-01 06-36-50.jpg

Misty returns the baseball for the 3rd time in a row.  I see where Shimrod’s mod may have a downfall.

TS3 2019-06-01 06-40-18.jpg

She eventually does find something new to do.

TS3 2019-06-01 07-19-24.jpg

She even adds a new gnome to the collection.

TS3 2019-06-01 07-35-22.jpg

….several days later…

Severely crispy due to an electrified force field, Misty completes another tomb.

TS3 2019-06-01 07-35-24.jpg

Yeah, that one.

TS3 2019-06-01 07-35-29.jpg

And she does this.

TS3 2019-06-01 07-43-36.jpg

And that…

TS3 2019-06-01 07-44-41.jpg


TS3 2019-06-02 05-45-06.jpg

In the middle of night on the 6th day, we find Key Lime splitting her time.  She paints two paintings, discovers a potion (or blows herself up) and then goes and paints two more paintings.

She is currently level 6 logic and level 7 painting (because explosions are good).  She has discovered six potions, for an average of one a day and one or two explosions.

TS3 2019-06-02 05-45-16.jpg

Pistachio is learning about science.  She is level 8 just by researching it.

TS3 2019-06-02 05-45-28.jpg

Watermelon is practicing the Laser Rhythm a Con and is about 1/4 through level 9.  She wants to max this thing, so they might just do that before leaving.  I can’t foresee anyone wanting to actually stay in France for another 15 days.

TS3 2019-06-02 06-19-05.jpg

They don’t head straight home after all.  Misty spends a few days out collecting gems.  The family go ahead and keep skilling.

TS3 2019-06-02 06-38-18.jpg

Watermelon heads on to the drums.

TS3 2019-06-02 07-24-30.jpg

Pistachio and Key Lime are still working on their logic/science.  As you can see, they are almost neck in neck for level 10.

TS3 2019-06-02 07-25-51
TS3 2019-06-02 07-28-13
TS3 2019-06-02 07-28-19
TS3 2019-06-02 07-26-30
TS3 2019-06-02 07-45-25
TS3 2019-06-02 07-32-31

So, now that that’s out of the way..

TS3 2019-06-02 07-46-10.jpg

Misty takes up Martial Arts and Watermelon continues to bang away at the drums.  Key Lime just sort of thinks about life for a bit.

TS3 2019-06-02 07-47-09.jpg

Then decides to take up fishing.

TS3 2019-06-06 06-34-08.jpg

Watermelon angrily sits down to play some chess.

TS3 2019-06-06 06-47-49.jpg

Watermelon is really good at getting some watchers.  Sometimes they stay until they are starving, but mostly they just pee themselves and then run off, just to come back a few minutes later.

TS3 2019-06-06 06-53-58.jpg

With the drums done, Watermelon takes a break from learning instruments.

TS3 2019-06-06 06-54-22.jpg

Especially now that her audience is as exhausted as she is.

TS3 2019-06-06 06-58-47.jpg

TS3 2019-06-06 06-59-14.jpg

TS3 2019-06-06 06-59-29.jpg

With 3 Motive Mobiles and a Moodlet Manager, it’s time to take on the jogging skill challenges.

TS3 2019-06-06 07-01-14.jpg

They hit all corners of France.

TS3 2019-06-06 07-03-51.jpg

And more often than not, they find a way to thwart any and all attempts at jogging.

To the point that Misty and Pistachio somehow got trapped right there and decided to spend hours flirting.

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But, I do win in the end.

They still have a few days left, but I am pretty sure it’s time to leave France.  I’m bored as hell now.


So, I just moved out of my house and went 1,800 miles away.  It took over a month to get settled and another month to get in the groove of working out of the house full time for the first time in 20 years (I do still do transcription on my days off), so I normally go to work, come home and drop into bed.  I’m too old for this shit.  I did just past my one month anniversary at work and still have 60 days of probation to go.

I did start off on the other end of town, but the place was too big for me and too far from work, so now I rent my aunt’s vacation house for the next year.  It’s now 6 minutes from work (instead of the 40 minutes it was last month).  I am now down to $20 in fuel a week instead of $150.  So, big time savings is good.  So, now that my stress levels are down, I am so hoping to get more involved in my games.  I work 10 am to 6 pm, so you would think I would have a decent schedule going already.  Maybe next week.


Chapter 19

After many, many months, we are back!  For how long?  Who the hell knows.

Last time Pistachio and Lime went to University,  they both found love, just not with each other, and they got a new house.  The Generation 5 spouse, Misty, has a WA LTW, so there was travelling and more is to be on the horizon.

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Chapter 18

Previously, there was a lot of skilling.  Watermelon went on a free vacation, Lime ruined our plans and there were a lot of birthdays.  We did say goodbye to Joseph. Finally, Lime and Pistachio became Young Adults.

We get our first look at 18 year old Pistachio.  She gained Workaholic on her roll.

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