Chapter 17

Welcome back!  Last time, Pistachio and Lime became teens and went to France with Watermelon. Zachary finally went to the great beyond.  Nothing else went on besides collecting and skilling.  Well, nothing except the glitching inventories, that seems to be fixed now.

I mistakenly thought we would finish out this generation during the last update, but I was so very wrong.  Pistachio and Lime still have 8 days to go, so let’s get that done this time.

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Chapter 2

Last time, Kacey came to Midnight Hollow to continue the Vinson family line.  She convinced the first man she met to move in.  They are currently in labor with their one and only child.

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We left off with Kacey in labor and Cedrick panicking.  I sent him over to work the garden while we wait for the baby.

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Can you believe it is finally here?  I sure can’t.  After so many glitches, computer crashes, replays, and disasters, I am finally putting this challenge to bed and calling it a day.

Thanks to Styxlady, Toast and Rhea for a great challenge.  I will have one additional post this weekend, but it will not be an update.


This is the house in Riverview that the family confiscated after deleting 90% of the residents.

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