Golden Plumbobs 2019


I have been nominated for Golden Plumbobs again!  Here is what is nominated.  You can vote for me or any of the other great options on this topic area at

Palmer Whisperer
Vinson Epic 2.0
Vatore Monster Mash

Golden Votes Terminator
Annabella, The Immortal Teen
The Vatore OWBC

Best Common Challenge
Tart’s: Bent Out of Shape

Best Uncommon Challenge
Ivory’s Sliding Doors

Best Legacy with a Twist
Lavender Wishes

Golden Plumbob Nominations

As mentioned in my main blog, I (and the Vinson’s) got nominated in several categories.

I got nominated this year.  Thanks to whoever nominated me, I love you!  Now I am here to shamelessly beg ask for votes

Master post so you can vote for other great Sims players too.

Best Avatar – Vote

Most Jealous inducing graphics – Vote

Most talented sims creator – Vote

Prolific story completer – Vote

Completed Stories: Most Impressive Win – The Tart’s – Vote

Best Sims 3 Challenge: Three Options!  The Tart’s, The Vinson’s or Boo’s Boo Boos.  Vote

The Great Boolpropian Olympics – Hidden unless you are part of House Plumbob, like me 😀

House Plumbob MVP and Most Team Spirit

I did get nominated last year, but I did not find out until after voting had ended (I was on a sims hiatus).   So, thanks for nominations last year, whoever you were.

Happy 5th Anniversary, Vinson and Tart Families!


Today, we celebrate my fifth year with WordPress.  This also means that the Vinson’s also are celebrating today, since they were the very first family I blogged about.

Tomorrow, The Tart Family celebrates their 5th anniversary, because you can’t always have just one family floating around.

The difference between the Vinson’s and the Tart’s are their completion dates.  The Vinson’s (the first 10 generations) were completed on Nov. 22, 2014.  On June 20, 2015, Vinson 2.0 got its start and is currently in the 5th generation (although it is on a small hiatus so I can concentrate on the Tart’s alone).

The Tart Finale comes tomorrow, Dec. 12, 2016.  It’s been a long ride filled with laughs and glitches, insanity and sometimes the downright boring, but through it all, you all have stuck with this family and we love you.

Thank you for an amazing 5 years, from my families to yours.